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Canada is a country composed of immigrants from all different backgrounds.  Canada was ranked for two years in a row by the United Nations as the best country to live in.  That is because it offers excellent health and social services and exceptional educational services to all Canadians and permanent residents. 

Other than voting or nomination for elections, new immigrants enjoy the same rights, privileges, and freedoms as all other Canadians.  If you, like many others, wish to immigrate to Canada to enjoy the superb quality of life and to give your children a chance to a better and brighter future, your first decision regarding Canada immigration must be determining which immigration category would increase your chances of success. 

When you complete our free on-line assessment we will analyze your case and determine which route to take to significantly improve your chances for a successful application for immigration to Canada.

Canada Immigration Visas

In this section we will cover different immigration visas for Canada, that depending on your particular situation and needs, we can assist you with the entire process until your Canada visa is issued.  

For people who want to immigrate to Canada the services we offer include handling of immigration files under the Business Category (Investors, Entrepreneurs, Self-employed), Skilled Worker category, Provincial Nominee Program, and Family Class sponsorships from the initial application stage until the issuance of the permanent residence visa. 

In most cases you will have to attend an interview with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) before issuance of your immigration visa in which case we will fully prepare you for your interview ahead of time.  Subsequently, once in Canada, upon request, we can provide you with Canada job links and employment resources and assist you with your initial settlement in Canada. 

If you want to come to Canada on a temporary basis to either study or work, we will assist you in obtaining study authorization, employment authorization, and temporary residence visas.  Once in Canada, we can also assist you with obtaining extensions of your visas and authorizations. 

Business Clients & Skilled Workers

For business class clients (investors, entrepreneurs, self-employed), and skilled worker clients, we will fully analyze your case and make recommendations as to the most appropriate process for your particular situation.  We will then assist you in preparing all the required documents and forms, including a detailed submission letter to Citizenship and Immigration Canada which will be tailored to your specific case.  We will then follow through the process with you, including preparing you for your interview with Citizenship and Immigration Canada should one be required, until the issuance of your permanent residence visa.

Canadian Provincial Nominee

If you want to apply under a Provincial Nominee Program, you must have the intention of residing, after your arrival in Canada, in the province that nominates you.  We will fully analyze your case to determine if you qualify under a Provincial Nominee Program.  We will then assist you in preparing a complete application along with a detailed submission letter for a selection certificate for the intended province.  This is the most crucial step of your immigration process where your chances of success could vary depending on how well your application is prepared.   Once you are nominated by a province, we will prepare all the documents for Citizenship and Immigration Canada and apply for your permanent resident visa.

Employment Authorization

We assist both employers and employees in obtaining employment authorizations. For all types of work, we can determine if the employment authorization requires confirmation by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).  Should a confirmation by HRSDC be required, we can prepare the paperwork for submission.  Subsequently, once the work permit is confirmed, we can prepare the documents and submit them to CIC.  Employers who wish to hire temporary workers can turn to us to discuss their options.  We will guide you through the process until the issuance of the work visa.

Student Visa

If you are interested in studying in Canada, we can assist you in obtaining admission to a college in Canada and discuss the paperwork you are required to submit for yourself as the principal applicant and for your dependent family members so that they can accompany you.  Once in Canada, we can assist you in submitting the forms for extension or change of your status.  

Family Class Sponsorship

If you wish to sponsor a family member, we can help you with the preparation of the application and all the other paperwork necessary for submitting to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and follow through the process with you until the issuance of the permanent resident visa.

Live-in Caregiver Program

If you have an equivalent of a high school diploma and have a basic knowledge of the English or French language, you can come to Canada and work for two years as a Live-in Caregiver for a family with children or the elderly and after two years apply for immigration in Canada.  You need to reside with your employer for the two years you are working as a live-in caregiver.  We can assist you in applying for the work permit and the visa and after two years we can help you submit the forms necessary to apply for immigration in Canada.

Visitor Visa

We can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case and provide guidance as to the paperwork you or your relatives would need to submit to obtain a visitor visa.  We can also assist you with filing for extensions for people already in Canada.

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