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Canada is home to about 5 million immigrants.  One out of every six Canadians was born outside Canada.  In recent years, most new immigrants to Canada have come from China, India, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Iran, USA, Romania, UK, and Columbia.

Canada is truly a multicultural country where newcomers are welcomed to share in Canada’s prosperity and community life.  Canadians are known for their tolerance and kindness towards new immigrants. While new immigrants are encouraged to learn and to integrate themselves into the greater Canadian culture, they are also encouraged to maintain their ethnic and cultural heritage. 

Canada also benefits from new immigrants.  Immigration adds to Canada’s cultural diversity and stimulates Canada’s economy. Canada benefits from the experiences, skills, and knowledge of immigrants, whether they are business people, skilled workers, relatives of Canadians or permanent residents in Canada, foreign students, or temporary workers.

In order to be accepted as an immigrant to Canada, you must possess a skill or trade that Canada needs, or you must have business experience with sufficient capital to contribute to Canada’s growing economy.

We can assist you in your immigration to Canada.  We will carefully analyze your case and determine based on your individual qualification, which route would increase your chances for a successful application.   Our initial assessment of your case is free.  If you are interested to immigrate to Canada, please click here and complete our free assessment.

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